Lentigo maligna of the cheek

What is Lentigo Maligna?

Lentigo maligna literally means ‘malignant freckle‘. ‘Hutchisons melanotic freckle’ is a now obsolete term for the same condition. It is a thin slow growing melanoma of chronically sun exposed skin in older people; it appears commonly on the face. They typically are tan or dark brown in colour and are difficult to tell initially, apart from ordinary sun-induced freckles. They grow very slowly over several years that people often tend to overlook them.

However, they will eventually become invasive and at some point, as dangerous as any other melanoma. Treatment is complete surgical excision with adequate margins – at least 5mm. Obviously, the smaller and earlier lentigo malignas are detected, the less disfigured the treatment will leave your skin behind. Have your freckles checked at a skin cancer clinic in Berwick if you suspect signs of lentigo maligna on your skin!

The distinctive dermoscopic appearance of lentigo maligna allows earlier diagnosis

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