Sun Patrol: Early Detection is The Key

Alarmingly, two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. Australia’s harsh climate and exposure to UV Rays over time can damage your skin and can develop into several types of skin cancers.

Not all skin cancers are the same, however, there are three common types. Basal cell carcinomas – the most common type amongst people with pale skin are tumours in the cells that produce the top layer of skin. These are typically located in areas of high exposure to sun. Less common, however a more dangerous form of skin cancer, are Melanomas which most commonly appear on the face, back and lower legs, with 1 in 29 Australians developing a Melanoma in their lifetime.

Lastly, Squamous Cell Carcinomas generally start to appear on sun damaged skin from the age of 40 onwards and are tumours of the top layer of skin. If left undetected, these cancers can spread and become deadly.

Due to the prevalence of such skin cancers, and the risks of these going undetected, annual skin checks are recommended. With early detection, 90% of cases can be treated under local anaesthetic at Sun Patrol. Qualified doctors at Sun Patrol can conduct thorough checks of the entire skin surface to check for signs of any skin cancers or areas of concern.

Don’t delay and book your skin check appointment today!

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