Squamous cell cancer on the ear of a man in his 80s – this will need wide excision & graft repair

The upper part of the ears is a very vulnerable site for skin cancers of all types – especially in men. Women tend to wear their hair longer which provides protection against harmful UV radiation. Men, however, tend to have much shorter hair or are bald – leaving the top of their ears susceptible to sun damage. The popular baseball style caps provide good protection to the upper face but do nothing to protect the ears. Also, the ears are often forgotten when applying sun block.

Therefore, gentlemen, it is advisable that wear your hair long (crew cuts are no good for your ears ) or wear a broad brimmed hat. Lastly, don’t forget to put SPF30+ sun block on the tops of your ears when outdoors, and make sure you consult a skin cancer clinic in Bewrick for mole check or sun spots on skin that look suspicious.

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