We always insist that all facial make up is removed prior to attending a skin cancer check at Sun Patrol. I fully appreciate this may not be popular or convenient and some folks genuinely find it upsetting. However, our absolute priority is safe practice and NOT missing skin cancers. We genuinely cannot see through make up and if it is not removed we simply cannot properly examine your facial skin.

A small dark lesion on the face of a lady in her 50s

Skin cancers of the face are COMMON. Often they are not easy for a person to spot themselves. Since opening the clinic in 2010 I have personally diagnosed 67 melanomas on the face & neck and some 8 times as many non melanoma skin cancers ( basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas ).

So if we ask you to remove make up, please understand where we are coming from and that we are very much on your side in trying to detect your skin cancers as early as we possibly can.

20 x magnification reveals a small melanoma in situ. The doctor would simply not have been able to diagnose this lesion if this lady had been wearing make up of any kind.

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