Beware of the Dent

This inconspicuous indented area on the neck had gone unnoticed

Occasionally a skin cancer can present as a slow growing indentation in the skin surface only.

The most common cancer to show itself in this way is the sclerosing (scar like) type of basal cell cancer .

These can appear as a slow growing toughened, indented lesion in areas of skin most heavily exposed to the sun – especially the head & neck. They can often go unnoticed and undiagnosed for a long time as they are not obviously abnormal to the naked eye.

Magnification of these lesions under bright illumination (dermoscopy) by a trained doctor however reveals the correct diagnosis.

Fibrosing basal cell cancers need wide surgical excision and sometimes radiotherapy. The earlier they are diagnosed the better.

So, have your skin checked at a reputable skin cancer clinic in Berwick now!

Dermoscopy revealed the typical appearance of a basal cell cancer

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