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What is a Nodular Melanoma?

Nodular melanoma on the shin of a woman in her early 50s This is a type of melanoma that appears as a nodule or lump on the skin surface. 15 % of all melanomas are of the nodular variety. It is very important to diagnose them early as theyare the most rapidly [...]

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Beware of the Dent

This inconspicuous indented area on the neck had gone unnoticed Occasionally a skin cancer can present as a slow growing indentation in the skin surface only. The most common cancer to show itself in this way is the sclerosing (scar like) type of basal cell cancer . These can appear as a [...]

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Squamous cell cancer on the ear of a man in his 80s – this will need wide excision & graft repair The upper part of the ears is a very vulnerable site for skin cancers of all types – especially in men. Women tend to wear their hair longer which provides protection [...]

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Lentigo maligna of the cheek What is Lentigo Maligna? Lentigo maligna literally means ‘malignant freckle‘. ‘Hutchisons melanotic freckle’ is a now obsolete term for the same condition. It is a thin slow growing melanoma of chronically sun exposed skin in older people; it appears commonly on the face. They typically are tan or [...]

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We always insist that all facial make up is removed prior to attending a skin cancer check at Sun Patrol. I fully appreciate this may not be popular or convenient and some folks genuinely find it upsetting. However, our absolute priority is safe practice and NOT missing skin cancers. We genuinely cannot see through [...]

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The nose is a shelf of skin that sticks out into the sun all of your life so unfortunately is a very common site for skin cancers. Crusting / ulcerating lesion on the nasal tip It is also a cosmetically very obvious site. Unfortunately there is very little lax skin [...]

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